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Rise Therapy & Wellness


Rise Therapy & Wellness, established in July 2020, is small, woman-owned occupational therapy and wellness clinic located in Richland, Michigan. 


Our focus is on community and improving health, wellness, and education outcomes for children and adults.

Our Mission & Values

Rise Therapy & Wellness is dedicated to providing high-quality, holistic and client-centered occupational therapy and wellness services to individuals across the lifespan. Through comprehensive treatment evaluation and treatment of various health conditions and analysis of risk factors, we strive to promote each individual’s ownership of their health and ability to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Rise Therapy & Wellness is dedicated to improving equality and equity in health, wellness, and education-related services and resources while reducing achievement gaps for traditionally underserved populations.  We value the diversity of team, clients, and individualized services.


Rise Therapy & Wellness

Our talented team works hard every day to provide top-quality occupational therapy and wellness services for our clients. We customize our offerings based on specific needs to provide client-centered care. Get in touch today to see how Rise Therapy & Wellness can help you or someone you know. 

Rise Therapy & Wellness

Our practitioners are distinctly trained to evaluate the client using a holistic, whole-person approach. Through skilled intervention meaningful to each client our services promote independence, function, safety, and healthy and happy living.  

We are dedicated to putting the needs of our clients first.  We value what is meaningful to each of our client.  Our diverse services are designed for children and adults.  Learn more about how services may help you or someone you know.

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